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It appears in 2011, with the aim of uniting the creativity, with production for the improvement of the image of the companies, a looming market strategy.
We design value in the area of design and advertising production by providing quality services in an innovative and productive way, in a continuous demand for solutions. 
 With a direct and efficient style, we always find the resources that best fit the goals of our customers. 
 We present all kinds of creative, modern and functional solutions. We pledge our full support, since the beginning of the project, up to the final product. 
 Our purpose is to establish with customers a solid relationship, which allows us to interact, realizing their goals with quality and efficiency. 
 We have a young and dynamic work team, which makes us a company that ensures responsiveness with efficiency and professionalism. 
 The business philosophy of Foco Criativo is based on criteria of  creative brightness, professional structure, posture, boldness, innovation and dedication.
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